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Join together with a community of influencers and non-profit organizations on a shared mission to inspire action and help those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Access pro-bono opportunities from charities active in your area. Help raise awareness and inspire your community to take action on the causes you are most passionate about.

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Register your non-profit organization and enable local influencers to promote your cause and inspire their followers on social media.

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A Message From the Team

We started Clout Jam to help influencers grow and scale their social content businesses more effectively. It didn’t take long for us to recognize that ‘success’ to the influencer community isn’t just measured in revenue - it’s about making an impact, sharing positivity, and empowering people.

The #CloutForGood initiative is about helping influencers discover and support the causes they are the most passionate about, while providing a better way for charitable organizations to forge more meaningful connections with powerful and inspirational voices on social media.

As a young company in this urgent time of need, societal uncertainty, and fear, #CloutForGood is the best way we can give back and do our part to help.

We hope you will join us on this mission.

With Love, Gratitude & Conviction,

Trevor Mengel, Samantha Cutler, Martin Eriksson, Sam O’Keeffe, Kate Glasspool & Leo Cheung

Participating Organizations

In this time of crisis, Second Harvest is an emergency service providing fresh perishable food to frontline hunger-relief organizations across Canada.

Donating at helps ensure food banks across the country are able to feed families in need.

Food Banks Canada, helping communities primarily through the acquisition and sharing of critical food resources to communities affected or at risk.

Proud to partner with the Government of Canada on their efforts to spread awareness about staying home and sharing the most updated guidelines for citizens as made available.

The distancing club is one mom in Toronto who is making bracelets to give to Torontonians to incentivize a community to protect frontline workers. All funds go to Toronto General Hospital.

In response to COVID-19,  Food4Kids is helping by mailing gift cards to families to ensure they have food at this time.

Another Round Another Rally is a nonprofit financial resource for the hospitality industry that provides emergency assistance to those employed in restaurants, bars, and hotels who have fallen on hardship.

Join celebrities, athletes and gamers live-stream in support of front-line workers and patients at Sinai Health. Help our Champions reach their goal. #ChampionsOfSinai

"This is an opportunity for influencers to unite with their community and each other"

“We want to encourage everyone to stay home where possible, to limit social interactions and continue to come together digitally. This is the time where we can rise up as leaders on social media through our content and actions. This is the time where we can define who we choose to be in the next chapter,”

Samantha E Cutler
Clout Jam Co-Founder & Professional Influencer, 32k Instagram Followers
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